Tom O’Grady Heating and Plumbing

by | Dec 20, 2023

Enhancing Business Operations for Tom O’Grady Heating and Plumbing

The Challenge:

Tom O’Grady, leading a skilled team of plumbers and winning jobs throughout Leinster, wanted to optimise his business operations. Spending several hours every night on admin such as calculating quotations, issuing invoices, placing orders with suppliers and other paperwork, his objective was to eliminate after hours admin and to win back time, all while developing an efficient way to charge for the teams’ services.

The Solution:

GBA Solutions crafted a tailored iPhone app to address Tom’s specific needs. The app, designed for simplicity and ease of use, included several key features:

  • Job Tracking: All jobs quoted for are tracked by the app along with customer details, the labour and materials needed as well as the progress.
  • Automated Quotations and Invoicing: Generating quotes and invoices became a breeze. Labour and materials are easily selected with standard mark-ups applied automatically and the ability to issue these documents directly from the app at the tap of a button. Invoices can even be issued at different job stages, so flexibility in billing.
  • Time Management: The app enabled Tom to accurately track and charge for the time spent by his team on various jobs, ensuring fair and precise billing.
  • Dynamic Materials Database: A comprehensive list of materials was integrated into the app, which Tom could continually expand and customize. Also available are ‘kits’ where a single job description could produce a full itemisation of materials to be ordered. This flexibility was crucial for creating detailed job quotes and invoices.
  • Simplified Ordering Process: Placing orders with suppliers was made straightforward and efficient. Tom can quickly select materials from his customized list or kits, streamlining the procurement process.
  • Advanced Job Management: The app allows for storing images, gas certificates and other job-related documents, providing a complete digital record for each project.

The Impact and Conclusion:

This bespoke app really benefitted Tom in the way he managed his operations. It not only saved time but also brought a new level of precision and professionalism to the business. The app’s intuitive design and customizable features perfectly aligned with the everyday challenges of the trade, significantly enhancing efficiency as well as client satisfaction. For Tom, the solution provided by GBA Solutions marked a real leap forward, showcasing the power of tailored technology solutions in transforming business processes. Probably most impactful though, is that Tom now spends very little time on evening admin and has won back about 10 to 15 hours per week for himself.